Cuba: From Columbus to Castro.

Narrated by Andy Garcia.  A 26-minute video describing the history of Cuba.  A superb summary.  Beautiful scenery.  Excellent insight into the Castro revolution and the current situation in the island.  In English with Spanish subtitles

“A superb summary.  Explaining Cuban history in 26minutes is a marvel, doing it well is a miracle” Carlos Alberto Montaner.

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Cuban Jazz

The story of Jazz and its connection to Cuba through interviews and performances with prominent jazz performers, producers and musicians including such noted ones as Paquito de Rivera, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Nat Chediak and John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie.

The 31-minute Spanish-language video was narrated by Jorge Sotolongo, a Cuban-American filmmaker and journalist who created the video and conducted several of the interviews.  Using archival footage, historical pictures and original interviews, the film tells the history of jazz beginning with the blending of African roots, European and American influences and how it morphed into what today is known as Cuban jazz.

UM professor Raul Murciano details how Cuban jazz originated from different African rhythms that arrived in Cuba with slaves, and was later married to European classical music and other American genres such as spirituals and “blues.”  The video gives a comprehensive overview of the jazz era and its influencers including short performances by Luis Armstrong, Nina Cimone, Ed Call and de Rivera.

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La Historia de Cuba en dos lecciones
Curso de Carlos Alberto Montaner ofrecido por el Instituto de Estudios Cubanos. El video contiene las dos charlas de Montaner y es un recuerdo para el disfrute suyo y de su familia.
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