The Cuban Transition Project was developed between 2001 and 2009 funded by grants from the U.S. Agency for International Development.


After Castro: Alternative Regimes and U.S. Policy.  By Edward Gonzalez
China's "Lessons" for Cuba's Transition? By William Ratliff
Cuba: Fundamental Telecommunications Plan.  By Manuel Cereijo
Environmental Concerns for a Cuba in Transition.  By Eudel Eduardo Cepero
Establishing the Rule of Law in CubaBy Laura Patallo Sanchez
Expropriated Properties in a Post-Castro Cuba: Two Views- 1) Property Rights in the Post-Castro Cuban Consitution 2) Alternative Recommendations for Dealing with Confiscated Properties in a Post-Castro Cuba.  By  Oscar M. Garibaldi and John D. Kirby  Matias Travieso
Foreign Direct Investment in Post-Castro Cuba: Problems, Opportunities, and Recommendations.  By Robert David Cruz
Growing Economic and Social Disparities in Cuba: Impact and Recommendations for Change.  By Carmelo Mesa-Lago
Growth and Human Development in Cuba's Transition.  By Gustav Ranis and Stephen Kosack
Humanitarian Aid for a Democratic Transition in Cuba.  Seminar proceedings 1/16/04 Washington, D.C.
Institutions to Accompany the Market in Cuba's Future Economic Transition.  By Ernesto Hernández
International Organizations and Post-Castro Cuba.  By Ernesto Betancourt
Nicaragua: Political Processes and Democratic Transition- Possible Lessons for Cuba's Future.  By Alvaro Taboada Teran
Privatization, Reconstruction and Socio-Economic Development in Post-Castro Cuba.  By Antonio Jorge
Reforming the Cuban Safety Net System.  By Norman Hicks and Lorenzo Pérez
Rehabilitating Education in Cuba: Assessment of Conditions and Policy Recommendations.  By Graciella Cruz-Taura
Securing the Future: A Blueprint for the Reconstruction of Cuba's Security Services.   By Eugene Rothman
Socio-Economic Reconstruction: Suggestions and Recommendation for Post-Castro Cuba.  By Antonio Jorge
The Cuban Communist Party and Electoral Politics: Adaptation, Succession and TransitionBy William M. LeoGrande
The Cuban Economy Today: Salvation or Damnation?  Carmelo Mesa-Lago
The Cuban Military and Transition DynamicsBy Brian Latell
The Cuban Transition: Lessons from the Romanian Experience.  By Michael Radu
The Czech Republic's Transition Experience. (October 18, 2005, Coral Gables, FL) Seminar Summary
The Future of Cuba's Labor Market: Prospects and RecommendationsBy Luis Locay
The Future of Health Care in a Post-Castro Cuba.  By Steven G. Ullman
The Greatest Challenge: Civic Values in Post-Transition Cuba.  By Damian J. Fernandez
The Role of Education in Promoting Cuba's Integration into the International Society: Lessons in Transition from the Post-Communist States of Central and Eastern Europe. By Andy Gomez
The Role of the Cuban-American Community in the Cuban Transition.  By Sergio Diaz-Briquets & Jorge Pérez-López
The Role of the Judiciary in a Post-Castro Cuba: Recommendations for Change.  By Laura Patallo Sanchez
The Role of the State in a 'Democratic' Transition: Cuba. By Roger R. Betancourt
 South Florida Humanitarian Network for Cuba:  Recommendations for Community Preparedness.
The Spanish Transition and the Case of CubaBy Carlos Alberto Montaner
Transition from Communism: Lessons Learned, Challenges Ahead for Cuba. (November 4, 2004, Coral Gables, FL) Conference Proceedings
Cuba: Las Fuerzas Armadas en el Encrucijada.  By Julio A. Cirino